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What is Football Form Labs

Simply, the most effective football betting tool on the market today and available from as little as £1 per day

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Pete Nordsted - Subscriber

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What will you get?

"The ability to mine information on vital statistics is a key part of finding an edge in any sports market. The vast range of data available in Form Labs makes it an essential tool for me before I trade any football match. " Peter Webb - Bet Angel founder
Football Form Labs provide the most effective football betting software on the market with the ability to analyse games both pre-match and in-play across 50 different leagues. You can also generate your own models and see the statistical impact players have when they are missing. Form Labs software is the betting tool that gives you all the insight you need to make more winning bets. Form Lab MAX and Form Lab Black offer you everything you need to make your pre-match predictions and consistently beat the bookmakers.

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Insight at your fingertips
Access 25 different form tables, key match indicators and game notes from one easy to use view.

Live in-play alerts with Livelogic™
Livelogic™ sets Form Lab Black head and shoulders above any tool you’ve used before. Live alerts reveal in-play betting and trading opportunities live in all major games as they progress.

Use in combination with In-Play Queries and Match Data to generate alerts that give you the most profitable trading opportunities.

Player Analysis
Form Lab Black recognises that individual players make the team and allows you to compare sides’ performances with and without individual players. It also gives you the opportunity to compare different player combinations or formations.

Form Lab Results
As well as allowing you to study the form across 50 different leagues, Form Labs also present you with their own betting suggestions. These include a weekly long term recommendation and highly profitable over/under goals recommendations across the Big 5 leagues.

Weekly Long Term Recommendations: These are powered by analysis of form, fixture strength, and historical results of teams in similar position. Since 2010/11 these have consistently been in profit for all winter and summer seasons with a total profit of 48.1 points at a ROI of 27%.

Over/Under Goals Recommendations: Across the Big 5 leagues the profit on these recommendations has been 49.8 points since the start of the 2010/11 season at an ROI of 19.6%. These recommendations are based on analysis using the state-of-the-art Form Labs software across a range of data. For example, how a team has done against bottom-six sides, or when in poor form, or at specific times of the season.

We also make use of all-team stats to see how larger sample sizes compare and look at player stats to assess the impact of key missing players. All this is done using the Form Labs software which is available to subscribers on 50 different leagues.

Try Form Labs today with a FREE 14-day, no-obligation trial >