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What is form lab black

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  • Reports – summarising all the day’s most significant issues
  • Data centre – unique performance comparisons for all the main betting markets
  • Modelling – unique query facility answering limitless user generated scenarios
  • In-play – manage your positions via automated real-time analysis
  • Tutorials – helping you to extract maximum value from Form Lab Black
  • The best betting opportunities from each day’s matches
  • Long term market patterns; promotion/relegation; significant issues such as new managers; fixture schedules plus regular updates for any previous recommendations
  • Individual team and player trends that impact on forthcoming matches
  • Daily Reports that have made +£7,000 profit to £50 bets.
  • Comparative rankings providing proprietary gap analysis for all major markets
  • Simple-to-read graphics ensuring quick and precise assessment of key match and player issues
  • Rank based tables for a quick summation of the strength and weakness of a league or team
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