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Form Lab MAX is the indispensible betting tool that gives you all the insight you need to make more winning bets.

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Want to know the secret to successful sports betting? The better informed you are the more likely you are to turn a profit. It’s that simple.

Not only does Form Lab MAX put all the stats from 40 plus leagues at your fingertips, it puts them into a meaningful context that you can use to identify more profitable bets.

Fidens: Trading on your behalf. Click here to register interest.
"The ability to mine information on vital statistics is a key part of finding an edge in any sports market. The vast range of data available in Form Labs makes it an essential tool for me before I trade any football match. " Peter Webb - Bet Angel founder
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Use in-depth Match Data and query the database to uncover betting opportunities that bookmakers and experienced punters alike simply overlook. Win more consistently and make more profit with each bet you place.

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Strongest betting and trading
opportunities revealed
Daily reports
Form Lab’s daily report bet suggestions scour the form tables to bring you the strongest match day and long term betting ideas.

You'll find betting ideas on match results, goals and much more like this Swindon v Carlisle example

Form + player analysis = greater profits
Form Lab MAX brings the form table to life with player impact analysis like this...

The result? Swindon won 4-0 as highlighted, Mallorca got a 1-1 draw against high-flying Atletico while Real Madrid’s game saw seven goals as they conceded three.
And it works!
The Daily Recommendations
in Form Lab MAX
have an enviable performance of
over 113 points profit from Aug 2010 – Dec 2012
Insight at your fingertips
Access form tables, Key match indicators, Games notes and Top 3 match indicators
for a selected game in one easy to use view.
With Match Data at your fingertips you can identify trends and compare past performance to uncover the most profitable betting and trading opportunities. Ready to start winning more?
Form tables
Use Form Tables to view the selected league from 25 different angles. The drop down menu lets you compare by Goals Scored, 1st Goal Scored, 1st Goal Conceded, Profitability and many more to uncover betting concrete pre match betting ideas.
Key match indicators
The key match indicators allow you to rate the selected teams against similar opposition in the last ten games and against all opposition in the last 20 games to help you identify potentially winning trends.
Game Notes
Using complex algorithms to automatically scan the form tables Game Notes provide invaluable insight for selected games, which you can use to inform your bets.

Top 3 Match Indicators
For every game Form Lab MAX makes three firm recommendations. A great feature if you want to enjoy some betting action and you'e pressed for time.
Form Lab MAX in action
Man City vs Wigan 10th September 2011

As you’d expect Man City are favourites, reflected with odds of 1.18. There’s not much value here so it’s time to take a look at Key match indicators and Game notes to find a more profitable angle.
Key indicators reveal Man City rank strongly in the 1st half againt teams like Wigan and that Wigan struggle against sides like Man City when it come to conceding in both halves.

The game notes also picked this up, highlighting the Man City/Man City Half Time/Full Time market as an area of interest:
A £10 bet backing City to win over 90 minutes would have won you £11.80. Using Form Lab Lite you would have quickly and easily identified the Half Time/Full Time opportunity and won £17 - nearly 4 x as much profit!
Check out the Half Time /Full Time market and we see odds of 1.70. Much more attractive than the 1.18 for backing City to win over 90 minutes.
Test your betting strategies
Pose questions to reveal telling match, team, league, country and head to heads trends using the pre-match query tab. Find out the results using the Query output tab.

Form Lab MAX enables you to test your betting strategies and uncover the most profitable short and long-term bets.
Identify key betting trends
Form Lab MAX gives you the detail, but doesn’t miss the bigger picture. Just take a look at the following gems:

Time of the season can cause big shifts in the number of goals. This is particularly true in the Netherlands. After the return from the Winter Break goals historically fall in the Eredivisie while the final few games see a marked increase.

  • In January and February since 2006/07 (326 matches) +2.5 goals = 52% while +3.5 goals = 30%, while in the final two home games of the season (180 games) +2.5 goals = 60% and +3.5 = 43%.

Premier League teams in excellent short-term home form are worth supporting in the second half of the season.

  • From February to the end of the season since 2007/08, teams that have won their previous three home games have won 63% of their next home games returning a profit of about 10%.

Promoted and Relegated teams have started quickly in the Championship but then struggled and have been overrated.

  • • Since 2007/08 promoted teams have won 56% of their opening three home games while relegated teams have won 70%. Both generating handsome profits for backers. However, in home games 4-10 promoted team’s win percentage fall to 36% and relegated teams to 44% while backing their opponents would have then been highly rewarding
"Your software is at least two steps ahead in terms of user friendliness, available statistics and innovative features. I find it extremely useful for both betting and trading." Mike Lenard, subscriber
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